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This website provides a webservice, available at,
this webservice can be included in any Asp.Net website, .NET application, or any other platform which supports web services. You can use the WSDL utility to obtain a stub for this service, or use this include file, thus:
<!--#include file="findpeoplefree.include"-->

With this you can then read a list of regions within a town, in this case, Cardiff
private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
	FindPeopleFree webservice = new FindPeopleFree();
	string[] placenames = webservice.findAddress("cardiff","");
	foreach (string placename in placenames)
		Response.Write( placename + ",");

The output being:

Now to retrieve name, steet and phone details, we can request a DataSet of information from the webservice (you'll need to include the System.Data Namespace for this):
DataSet ds = webservice.findPeople("CARDIFF CF1 1DN","");
DataView dv = new DataView(ds.Tables["area"]);
datagrid.DataSource = dv;

where datagrid is defined on the page thus:
<asp:datagrid id="datagrid" runat="server"/>
The output being:

The only stipulation for using this service, is that you must provide a visible message on your website stating: 'Information sourced from <a href=></a>' you must provide the URL of the website displaying the information in the backLinkWebsite parameter.

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